The Beginning

How did we start our 6 months road trip project?

We wanted to take advantage of our first week in cape town to visit and get everything ready: the route, buying all the camping equipment ect… But unfortunately, this moment was compromised.

Famous touristic sites we’ve visited.

Cape of good hope: A mythical place feared by most of the navigators, due to its fierce winds and its unbridled sea.


Cape Point: The Place where you can observe the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean confront each other drawing a white line as delimitation. (Usually, it is easier to observe its demarcation in winter when there is less wind)


Boulder’s Beach: A beach where many penguins stay! An amazing 29 degrees and sunny beach where you can surprisingly meet and walk with those cuties tinies polars animals.


You must also know that Cape Town is full of seals! Take a walk in the harbor and you will see many of these fluffy soft marshmallow tanning in the sun.


This fabulous visit took place on our first Saturday. We had a long list of places to see and activities to try (discover Robben Island, hike the Lion’s Head Mountain and many more …), but unluckily, we had to postponed everything…

The Real Beginning

Angie started the holidays in Cape Town with a huge eyed infection (we can write an article on the hospital if you want), and there was a little problem with the visa, it was valid only one month with only one entry in the country. We had to spend a few hours at the immigration center to apply for a longer visa (which was accepted, yeah!). As it wasn’t enough, another problem arises, we have saved some money aside to finance our road trip, but, the transfer never arrived in the account, a bit hard to pay for all the expenses (equipment, fuel, accommodation). We’ve started to search for good prices and ate only pastas. All this without having any accommodation plans.

While waiting for the visa and the finances, we’ve started to buy and visit with our little budget (4980 Rands)

All the small equipment (plates, basin, pot…) has been done in an Asian store (called here: Five Rent Store) with the cheapest prices. Some articles (chair, table, gas stove) on « Gumtree » a website where you can buy second hand products. And for the fragile and important equipment, we went in a professional store “Outdoor Warehouse”.

After all, we’ve decided to leave Cape Town, on a Wednesday at 9 pm, for a camping site in Franschhoek (1h15 driving). So, everything in the car, the Tata Indica, ready for new adventures. We’ve arrived in a camp site where families come in beautiful caravans and relax with the famous south African barbecues: The Braais. And there was us, our Tata, and the tent that we were trying to pitch for the first time at 10:30 pm in the dark and with our phone torch. For beginners we were quite good, set up finished within an hour! As we arrived late, no toilet access and families were already sleeping. So we had for diner a sandwich sandwich. Yep, just two slices of bread and nothing else! An express toileting with a bottle of water and then straight to bed (with an episode of the serie Narcos on the laptop so we are not too much lost!)

Our new home

First night as campers done, a bit cold with mosquitos, wake up by 43 different birds at 5:50 am. But it’s ok, we appreciate the moment. We will have a beautiful day. Starting with a perfect breakfast: egg, baked beans, tea. A hot shower, and ready to visit Franschhoek.


Franschhoek is a small town of 16 000 inhabitants. This name means the « The French District ». Why a name like this for a town? Because there is a massive number of vineyards! Yessss, here you can have wine tasting and try a lot of different type of wines all better then the other. As we didn’t have money, we’ve tried for the first time the Couch Surfing: you are acomodate by the owner for free. A nice way to meet locals and discover their cultures. We met Craig who grew up here. As soon as we arrived, Craig showed us his lovely house and took us to the pub for a good craft beer, what else? The day after, he took us for a little wild hike and showed us his little secret place, where you can jump into natural fresh pools (very very very cold). A magical moment. Straight after this perfect experience Craig brought us beer tasting before inviting us for lunch in the beautiful wine estate where he works. Even though we were a bit tired after the wine and beer tasting, we decided to take advantage of our last day in Franschhoek to do a last hike and reach an amazing landscape at the “Paarl’s Rock”.

Couldn’t start the road trip with a better experience.

Now, leaving for our second couch surfing experience, direction Hermanus, still with no money (just enough to put petrol in the car), but with a massive smile!



Paarl’s view point
Jump in a natural pool (fresh, cold, freeze)
Craig & Noe
Craig & Noe
Paarl’s Rock


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