Hermanus – The Whales House

No visa?  0,40€ budget? Our trip obviously did not start as planned.

We were happy to start our trip but when you have no more money for gas, to recharge the phone airtime or for a coffee in a restaurant in order to use the wifi (to book a Couch Surfing), The trip becomes compromised.

But fortunately, family is here! We received a nice gift from the cousins: money to help us continue. So we decided to make essential purchases. A small hook by Cape Town to get a necessary spare wheel, fill up on gas and food! And ready for Hermanus for our second couch surfing.

The Yogi Man

We arrived at our host’s house around 7pm. As we entered his beautiful house, we immediately felt the zen attitude. Nicholas is a yogi master. He explained that there were some rules to follow, everything you eat will be vegetarian, organic, vegetables will come from the garden and the showers will be cold. Ok, it’s a diet holiday.

But we were there for new experiences!


For dinner, quinoa and vegetables, an icy cold shower and straight to bed. We were happy to have a comfortable room to rest. Hm …

7 am: Knock Knock “Good Morning Guys”. The yogi woke us up to participate in his yoga class. 9am: time for gardening. 10hr: smoothie time! Spinach from the garden, avocado, orange: Healthy.

Noe Gardening

But for lunch we could not resist and we had pasta with baked beans from a can (oops!), We were too hungry! In the afternoon we visited the city. Hermanus is a very pretty town where you can see whales. A magic moment. For the sunset, a little swim in a natural pool. But as usual, nothing happened as expected, camera in hand, ready to show you these majestic animals, but no more battery … Here are a few pictures we managed to get on our getaway!

Majestic Whale

Back home, little carrot and butternut soup, cold shower and sleep!

Meet the locals

7am: Knock Knock “Good Morning Guys”. Gardening, Smoothie and it was time for a hike! Yogi took us for a walk in a nature reserve with a waterfall. As soon as we arrived, he gave us a plant to taste. Ok. Then he taught us about flowers and nature. A soothing morning. Well we must admit, the waterfall was a small trickle of water between a few rocks. But it was still a good time!

The Famous Waterfall !

Then our host took us to one of Hermanus township, “Zwelihle”, to discover a RDP (“recontrustion and development program”). The RDPs were set up in 1994 at the end of Apartheid by Nelson Mandela. These community centers existed in the nine provinces and their aim was to reintegrate colored people into the social, economic and cultural life of the nation. Thus they could come to these centers to learn the different jobs (administrative, culinary, manual …) or simply to meet and share. Unfortunately, over time, the government has stopped funding these programs and today only one RDP is remaining, the Hermanus one: “The Rondavel Cake Café”.

The Fire Place for sharing moments

So we had the chance to meet William, the pastry chef! He showed us the center with the training room, the workshop, the kitchen, the office, the kitchen garden and finally the little cafe where everyone can come and rest! They tried to keep the historic foundations and decoration. Once a month they organize parties where the locals can come and have a good time. We had a wonderful time discovering these traditions.

After this amazing morning, we went to another slum, “Mount Pleasant”, to meet Maria. The most extraordinary woman, funny, smiling and generous. She welcomed us into her home to share with us her culture, her story and her joy of living.

Back at Yogi’s, we collected our belongings and took the road to Knysna with a desperate stop at Mc Donalds to mark the end of the diet (done with bio, organic, veg).

Noe is hungry
We had a very intense stay in Hermanus.
We observed whales, discovered sumptuous landscapes and met fabulous and surprising people


Noe – The Monkey
Nicholas – Our Yogi Man

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